Our Produce

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All our produce is hand selected by Tyrone. It is fresh daily and delicious. 

We try our best to have as much local/English produce as possible in store, season dependent.

Our fruit and veg is mostly sold by weight, so you will notice many prices are 'per kg'. We try hard to buy as little pre-packed produce as possible therefore most of the produce is loose. This allows you to buy as much or as little as you like. You can even break off one banana or a portion of grapes. You can buy just one grape if you wish!

If ever (hopefully never!) you find yourself unsatisfied with any of our produce or products we are very happy to refund or replace it for you. 

Our Products and Wholefoods

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We have a wide range of organic wholefoods. Our range includes gluten free. We sell a wide range of flours for various baking, many gluten free and wheat free alternatives. We stock many different oils, sauces, curry pastes, pastas, soups, yogi teas, organic teas, vegan alternatives to meats and much more. Great breakfast cereals and juices too! Come and visit us and take a look!

Our South African Range

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We sell a wide range of South African products from Ouma Rusks to Oros, Flings, Biltong and lots of Boerewors, Flatties and Steaks! All fresh meat is delivered on Thursday or Friday.

Come and see us all you fellow South Africans!!