Cupsmith Dippenhall Decaff Coffee Beans 300g


Roasted in Surrey!

So many decaffeinated coffees are a big disappointment when it comes to flavour, so we've worked long and hard to create a coffee that has all the flavour but none of the caffeine. And we've named our caffeine-free masterpiece after the village where Cupsmith and our lovely roastery resides.

This coffee is decaffeinated using a 100% natural process - so no nasty chemicals!

Best served: joy of joys, you can drink this one after dinner and not be left sitting bolt upright in bed all night. Or you can drink throughout the day - we've made sure it's good both with or without milk.

Please note that all stock has been packed in an environment where NUTS, PEANUTS, GLUTEN, SOYA, MILK, SESAME and LUPIN are also handled.

Products will be decanted from loose stocks and packaged into bags by Fetchem Cupboard Staff.